About Me!

A very good completely accurate photo of me doing completely reasonable stuff :)))))

Why hello there. I'm Hayden. I'm just your typical loser on the internet, no biggie, right? I love do draw or doodle alot, it gets so bad to the point where I'm doodling all over my notes in class and whatnot. I'm head over heels for videos games, my top favorite ones being FNAF, and pretty much all of the DOOM games. I love me some good horror movies as well. I guess I should talk about what I don't like now huh? I absolutely despise, vomit, faint, hate, and dislike over school with LITERALLY EVERY single living cell and fiver within my being. I also hate it when people argue, daz mean >:( I guess that's all I have to say about disliking things (I'm terrible at writing biographies bear with me). Oh, and I like sushi, like...way too much...welp, guess that's it for writing about me.

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