Links to cool stuff!


A website builder that hosts many creative websites including this one! Very easy to use and I highly recommend.


A really cool reincarnation of Windows 93 with it's own little perks and details.


Probably one of the best re-enacts of websites I've ever seen. Basically, BitView is a remake of YouTube as it was during 2008.

Glitter Graphics

A cool website for finding buttons, blinkies, dolls, GIFs, stickers, and LOADS more!

Cameron's World

A HUGE collage of many GIFs, and images all leading to links to websites that were made by Geocities. Basically a big, colorful archive of many websites that were almost lost due to the shutdown of Geocities.

The Old Net

The Old Net is a website that re-enacts how a website had looked like and had obtained during the 80's and archives/promotes a ton of other websites. Without The Old Net, I wouldn't have found Neocities! And without Neocities, I would have never been able to create this website!!!


Hadzy is an archive that let's you search for the oldest or first comments on YouTube videos!

Brad's Stuff

The website of Brad's Stuff is basically just a site with neat little gimmicks, like QR code making, converting YouTube videos to Ascii, even a thingy that generates random Garfield comics!

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